Garlic Paruppu podi

Paruppu podi or Kalathu podi is the one which amma makes regularly at home. We all love it especially my brother is a big fan of amma’s Paruppu podi. We have never made garlic paruppu podi. But when I want to post a recipe with an ingredient starting with G, I chose garlic as the ingredient since it has lot of health benefits. There are so many options to make with garlic but this paruppu podi came into my mind. when I was talking with my perima, once she has told me about this paruppu podi. Finally I decided to make garlic paruppu podi which is my perima’s recipe. Thank you Bagyam perima for the recipe.

Difficulty level – Easy


Note: I have used 1/8 measuring cup. So when I mention 4 cups, it is 4*1/8

Roasted gram dhal – 4 cups

Garlic cloves – 3 cups

Moong dhal – 1 cup

Toor dhal – 1 tsp

Channa dhal – 1 tsp

Guntur chilli – 2

Bedigi chilli – 4

Salt – As req

  • First take the measured quantity of roasted gram dhal and roast it for a minute until you heat it. Remove it from the pan and allow it to cool.

  • Then add moong dhal and roast it until you get a nice aroma and it turns golden brown in colour.

  • Add toor dhal and roast it until it turns golden brown in colour.

  • Add channa dhal roast it well. When it is half roasted, add the red chillies and roast for few seconds.

  • Finally add the chopped garlic cloves and roast it until crisp and it is golden brown in colour.

  • Allow all the ingredients to cool and transfer it to a mixie jar.
  • Grind it coarsely at first and then add the required amount of salt for this recipe.
  • Grind it again to a fine powder.

  • Garlic paruppu podi is ready. Allow it to cool and store it in an air-tight container.

  • When needed, mix it with rice add a dollop of ghee or oil and eat.

This recipe is a part of A to Z challenge, a challenge initiated by bloggers Jolly Makkar and Vidya Narayan on Facebook Group, wherein a group of bloggers come together and we choose key ingredients alphabetically to cook and post a dish every alternate month. This month alphabet is ‘G’, so my contribution for this month is Garlic Paruppu Podi.



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36 Responses

  1. What a lovely recipe! Give me some hot steamed rice, a bit of ghee and a little of this garlic podi any day, and I’ll be in heaven. 🙂 This is one of our all time favourites at home.

  2. I can almost imagine the aroma and taste of this podi. I like that, like me, you make podis in small quantities. I do this too because podis are best eaten fresh.

  3. Podi’s look delicious and healthy with garlic as the main ingredient. I love such podi’s specially when you need that extra kick in your food on the side.

  4. I usually bring podi powder from India.. love it with idli and dosa.. this one looks easy to make and follow. Will definitely try some! Btw what is roasted gram dhal in hindi? I thought gram dhal was same as chana dal but you have that as a separate ingredient.. so wondering which one is this?

    • Hi Ashima yeah it’s so easy to make. Gram dhal and channa dhal are same but gram dhal is different from roasted gram dhal. We call roasted gram dhal as pottukadalai in Tamil. When I searched in google it says pottukadalai is called as bhuna channa in Hindi.

  5. Garlic elevates the taste in podis Niranjana. I love to stock 2 varieties in my fridge as they come handy when we are back from travel and the refrigerator is empty. Some Podi, hot rice and ghee is ultimate comfort food. Co-incidence – My Mums nick name is Bagyam too. ha ha!

    • Indeed it is handy and always we too make small batches of two or three varities of podi at home. Thank you..

  6. I love all kinds of podis.. They taste yummm with plain rice and ghee. apart from doasas and idlis.

  7. As I was reading the ingredients, my mouth was literally watering. I love all sorts of podi masalas. I must admit didn’t know much about them till I got introduced to the variety of podi by my South Indian neighbor. I too keep some in my fridge as it makes a good addition to plain rice, plain paratha.

    • Thank you so much Mayuri ji…Nice to know that you have a liking to podis…Yes we make variety of podis and this has a nice flavour…

  8. Andhra is famous for these yummy powders! I love them too! Garlic sounds like a wonderful flavor to add to any podi! Awesome and mouthwatering dear <3 My favorite is to enjoy with dosas and idlis!

  9. My mom-in-law used to make different varieties of podis at home, but I never made any podi myself! Your garlic podi looks awesome. I should give it a try sometime! 🙂

  10. This sounds an interesting recipe and definitely adding garlic to chutney powers or podi adds flavor to it.I love to have these pods with idlis.

    • Nice paarul… This is different from chutney powder. We make paruppu podi Or kalathu podi which is mainly used to mix with rice and a dollop of ghee. And yeah this garlic podi can be used in both the ways as an accompaniment for idli dosai and can be mixed with rice.

  11. I have a garlic lover in the house so this will be welcomed with happiness. I will follow your recipe as all the parippupodi I make is without garlic

    • Thank you Seema… I too make Paruppu podi without garlic. This one I learnt from my aunt.

  12. I love podis and always keep a batch of it in my fridge..though store-bought 😉 !! would love to make someday. truly a saviour when one wants to go easy on making food. your recipe with garlic sounds so flavourful.

  13. Much flavorful this Garlic paruppu podi looks !!! I would love to try my hand for this sometime surely

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