Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry
Poriyal/Kootu South Indian gravy

Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry

Chenai Erissery / Kerala style Yam Curry is a popular and traditional Kerala curry served in Vishu and Onam Sadhya. Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry is made with elephant foot yam, that is spiced with coconut paste and tempered with roasted coconut. This is my family recipe and it has a unique taste because of …

Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli

Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli

Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli is a steamed cake made with semolina, curd, some veg and spices. It is one of my favourite tiffin items. Including me I have seen many people who hate to eat idli.  But Rava Idli is an exception. It is very tasty, spongy  and most of the people …

Whole Wheat Corn muffins
Baking -Grilling-Toasting Breads- Buns-Cakes

Whole Wheat Corn muffins

Whole Wheat Corn muffins is a savoury muffin made with whole wheat flour, corn kernals and other ingredients to give flavour to these muffins. This is an eggless version but we can also make it with eggs. Muffins are handy one that can be had for breakfast. We can also gobble and eat these during …

Rice murukku / Rice chakli
Snacks / Chaat

Rice Murukku / Rice Chakli

Rice Murukku / Rice Chakli is a delicious snack made mainly with rice flour,  different types of lentil flour, and other miscellaneous ingredients. Usually we use roasted urad dal powder to make murukku. But we can also use other lentil flours like fried gram dal powder, besan flour along with cumin or sesame seeds. Apart …


Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham

Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham is a colourful, tasty and very healthy rice recipe. We can make it in few minutes without much strain. Chambakka is a bell shaped fruit available in bright pink, rose and white colour. It is also called as java apple, Jambakkai, Jambakka, rose apple, plum rose, Malabar plum, etc. …

Sambar powder / Sambar podi
Podi / Powders

Sambar Powder / Homemade Sambar podi

Sambar powder / Sambar podi is a blend of spices that are roasted evenly and ground to a fine powder. This powder is used to make a lentil based gravy with vegetables called sambar. There are so many versions of sambar powder / Sambar podi and each family has its own way of making it. …

Quinoa Red rice Dosa _ Main pic

Quinoa Red rice Dosa

Dosa is a quintessential breakfast recipe in South India which is eaten most of the days in a week. Quinoa Red rice dosa is a healthier option when compared to the normal dosa. If you are on a weight loss journey, then this can be one option for you. Quinoa Red rice dosa is super …

Pansache Dhonas- Goan Jackfruit Cake
Baked Snacks & Sweets Breads- Buns-Cakes

Pansache Dhonas- Goan Jackfruit Cake

Pansache Dhonas is a Goan style steamed jackfruit cake made with Jackfruit, Semolina and other ingredients.  The jackfruit pulp is mixed with semolina, coconut, jaggery and then steam cooked.  Some add milk or coconut milk but I didnot use it as I had more jackfruit and was able to get enough pulp for the recipe. …

Almond Pistachio Halwa

Almond Pistachio Halwa

Almond Pistachio halwa is a classic Indian dessert that can be made in a jiffy without much fuss. It has almonds, pistachios, sugar and khova as main ingredients. We can use homemade khova (evaporated milk solids) or the readymade one. With the gooness of nuts, richness of khova, this sweet can be made in less …

Parippu pradhaman

Parippu Pradhaman Payasam

Parippu Pradhaman is a popular Kerala style payasam or kheer made with split moong dal, coconut milk and jaggery.  It occupies a space in Kerala Sadhya(feast) menu.  Sadhya includes payasam or pradhaman for sure. There are so many types of Pradhaman like Ada pradhaman, Paalada pradhaman, Chakka pradhaman, Kadala parippu pradhaman. There is also another …

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