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Mix Veg Sabzi

Mix Veg Sabzi or Mixed Vegetable Sabzi is a vibrant and healthful dish hailing from the diverse culinary landscapes of India. It embodies the essence of Indian cooking, showcasing a symphony of flavours, colours, and textures that make it a beloved choice in households and restaurants alike. This versatile dish can incorporate a variety of …


Homemade Cow Ghee

Homemade Cow Ghee is always the best and pure form of ghee. Ghee is a form of clarified butter that occupies space in Asian Kitchen. Pure desi ghee is made from Cow’s milk. One of Ayurveda’s most treasured foods, ghee has incredible healing properties. From our dals to khichdi and halwas to chapathi, ghee is …

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My recipes in Aval Kitchen

My recipes in Aval kitchen I do not know where to start thanking all those who played a role in my recipes getting published in Aval kitchen. It started when I met Priya Iyer. She introduced me to Vikatan group. Thank you so much Priya. And by coincidence, her recipes will also appear in July’s …


My Youtube Channel

Hello my dear followers, hope everyone is doing good. If you have noticed, I am not uploading my videos directly here. But you can find them on my youtube channel. I am uploading the videos both in tamil and english. Please click the link below to see the videos on my youtube channel. If you …


A Dad’s speech at his Daughter’s wedding

This is one of the speeches that is close to my heart. And all fathers who have daughters will understand the feeling of every single word. I wished to read this today after a long time and remembered how precious are the girls to their fathers. When a girl enters into a family, she enters …


Importance of Onions

           Hi Everybody!!! Today, I have shared you an article about Onions. I came across this article in Today’s newspaper and could not resist myself posting it here. I have seen some people avoid taking onions and garlic  in their food.  But once you read about the health benefits it have, definitely …


Today’s lunch in Superduperkitchen

Today I made Paruppu Adai for our morning tiffin and Vegetable pulav, Baby corn Manchurian and Basundhi for lunch.  On a regular basis, my husband will have breakfast and packs his food for lunch. Today also the day started like that. I made tiffin and was about to pack his lunch. He got ready, entered the …


Happy Parents ‘Day

Happy Parents day to my dear Amma(N.P.Bhageerathy),  Appa(S.Sankaranarayanan)  and all the parents in the world who celebrate this day.. Parents’ day is held on the fourth Sunday of July. This day is observed in United States of America. Though I am from India, I feel there is nothing wrong in wishing someone if it makes …


National Garlic month

Did you know that April is National Garlic Month? Yes, the entire month of April is dedicated to garlic, a plant well deserving of the honor. April is National Garlic Month (Garlic Day is April 19) and we’re celebrating with a few garlic fun facts. I came to Garlic is the strongest flavoured and most …


Happy women’s day

The day has arrived after much anticipation by a large section of women which reminds us all how an individual should go along with an woman and young lady. International women’s day is celebrated on March 8th every year. The theme of 2015 is “Empowering women, Empowering humanity” which is proclaimed by UNO. The willingness …

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