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My recipes in Aval Kitchen

I do not know where to start thanking all those who played a role in my recipes getting published in Aval kitchen. It started when I met Priya Iyer. She introduced me to Vikatan group. Thank you so much Priya. And by coincidence, her recipes will also appear in July’s issue along with mine. Cheers Priya. When I shared this...

Reason behind my absence

Hello my dear foodies, followers and friends !!! Hope all of you are doing great. If you had noticed, I have been away from  blogging for past few months. Life brought so many challenges in front of me. Like my school teacher says, thunder can strike anywhere, it striked me also. It was in May month, I came across one...

Reason behind my absence

Hello my dear friends and followers I have been on a break for past two months.  I was down with typhoid and was at my mom’s house.  During that time I totally enjoyed my presence with my Amma,  Appa,  Paati and Thatha.  This stay in my place took me back to the days before wedding. There was no tension,  no...

Thank you everybody!!

Hello everybody!!! Hope you all have started to enjoy my videos. I started it for fun. But in the last one week, I got a lot of feedback & appreciation from my friends, cousins, other group members, and from my mom’s friends & colleagues. It started from my parents. Immediately after I posted my first video, they gave me words...

Weekend snacks

​Whole wheat flour banana bread using Apple sauce ​ Murukku Please follow and like us:0

Tamil puththandu nalvazhthukkal (Happy tamil New year)

Lunch menu Please follow and like us:0

Today’s menu in Superduperkitchen

  Vaazhakkai Erissery and Lemon rasam Niranjana Sankaranarayanan Please follow and like us:0

Weekend Special Menu

Breakfast  Ammini Kozhukkattai Lunch  Rice,  Shallots Sambar, Rasam, Curd, Beans paruppu usili Evening Snack Masala Vadai Please follow and like us:0


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