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North Indian gravy Paneer gravy

Veg Jalfrezi

Jalfrezi is a semi-dry side dish recipe which is a blend of many vegetables, paneer or meat. It is a Pakistani cuisine that involves frying marinated vegetable in oil to make dry, thick sauce. It is an Indian version of Chinese stir-fry made with curry spices. In Bengal, ‘Jhal’ means spicy hot. Jhal led to …

North Indian gravy

Capsicum Masala / Shimla mirch ki sabji

 Capsicum masala or Shimla mirch ki sabji is one of the easiest gravies that can be made in a jiffy. This calls for ingredients that are easily available at home. This can be had as a side dish with roti, phulka, chappathi or even Jeera rice. Capsicum is a refreshing vegetable that comes in an …

North Indian gravy

Lady’sfinger / Bhindi Masala

Lady’sfinger / Bhindi Masala is a simple gravy that can be made with easily available ingredients. There are a lot of recipes that can be made with lady’sfinger like Vendakkai pachadi, Vendakkai poriyal, Vendakkai sambar, Kurkure bhindi, Stuffed bhindi etc., This is one of the easiest gravies which we can make in less time. For …

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North Indian gravy

Cauliflower-Bell pepper stir fry

Cauliflower- Bell pepper stir fry is one of the simple, easy to make dry sabzi with very mild flavours. Here I have used cauliflower, red- green – yellow Bell peppers and hence the name Cauliflower Bell pepper stir fry.  We can also add corn, babycorn and green peas in this recipe and it’s purely our …

North Indian gravy

Carrot Korma /Kurma

Kurma /Korma is one of the favourite side dish for many people. My husband and I love to eat korma. I have made Navrathna korma and Mixed vegetable korma many times, but carrot korma /kurma is different from those. One day I was in a hurry and had no time to chop the vegetables and …

North Indian gravy

Navarathna kurma

Vegetable Kurma is one of my favourite gravies. I tasted it for the first time when I was a kid. Yes!! My mom made this at home. It is different from Navarathna Kurma. She used to grind coconut along with other spices. It is so good to eat with Chappathi. After that I got a …

North Indian gravy

Channa masala

Channa masala or Chole masala is one of the famous recipes made as a side dish for chappathi, puri and Batura. Bread Channa, Chole Batura are some of the famous combinations. My mom makes this recipe as a side dish for roti. I made some alteration with the addition of coconut. This is one of …

North Indian gravy Restaurant style north indian curries

Dum Aloo- Restaurant style

Dum aloo is one of my favourite North Indian gravies.  There are so many versions of Dum aloo.  This is the restaurant style rich, creamy Dum aloo that tastes exactly like the restaurant one. Once you have made the white gravy base and red gravy base then it is very easy to  make this gravy.   INGREDIENTS Baby potatoes- …

Dhal North Indian gravy

Moong dhal gravy

Moong dhal gravy is a simple, easy and colourful side dish that you can prepare in no time. It is tasty and healthy too. I learnt this from my mom.  It serves as a best side dish for Chappathi/roti. And I like to have this as such after mixing some buttermilk into it. North Indians …

North Indian gravy Paneer gravy

Aloo Paneer Matar

Aloo paneer matar is a North Indian gravy prepared with potato, cottage cheese and green peas.  They are cooked in the tomato gravy along with the spices. This is the first recipe I made after my wedding so this is always special for me.  It is very easy to make as well as tasty. You …

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