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Apple raita / Yoghurt Dip with Apple

Apple raita is a delicious Indian side dish that is served along wtih pulao and biriyani. Adding raw vegetables and fresh fruits into curd along with the spices makes it not only tasty but also filling too. This goes best with pulao, biriyani and stuffed parathas. This apple raitha can be made with some variations …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Mambazha Pachadi / Sweet mango relish

Mambazha pachadi ia a seasonal and traditional recipe prepared during tamil varusha porappu /Chithirai kani and Vishu kani. This pachadi can be made with or without tamarind. I learnt this recipe from my paati. In my home, we mix it with hot rice and have it with papad. It tastes yum and is a popular …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Nellikai Arachukalakki

Arachukalakki is a distinctive dish of Palakkad Iyers.  Nellikai Arachukalakki as the name says, it has gooseberry in it. It has the unique taste of gooseberry and rich in vitamin C. You can also have this as a main course.  It is an easy recipe consisting of two steps – grinding and mixing. Hence the …


Thakkali Carrot Thayir pachadi

Thayir pachadi is a simple South Indian style raita made with with some raw vegetables, mixed with curd. It pairs well with paruppu vadai, paratha and is made on festival days. This is a traditional recipe made for feast. While serving grand feast in banana leaf,  Pachadi is usually served right after payasam on the …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha Summer coolers


Kosumalli is a healthy easy salad that is included in every Kannadian’s house during festive days. This is made on Rama navami and offered to the Lord. INGREDIENTS      Moong dhal-1 cup Carrot-1 Cucumber-1 Unripened mango-1/2 Coconut- 4tbsp Green chilli-1 Lemon juice-1tsp Coriander- 4 tbsp chopped Salt- As required      For Seasoning Oil-1 tsp …



Raita is an Indian salad or side dish made with yoghurt and chopped vegetables of your choice. Pachadi is the South-indian variation of raita. Every Indian family would like to have curd either plain or in the form of raita or as lassi. Raita goes best with roti and any variety rice, pulav, fried rice …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Naarthangai(Citron) pachadi

This is a different recipe I learnt from my grand mom and my mom. I should thank my school teacher cum neighbour (Alphonsa miss and George uncle) for giving us meyer lemon(A variety of lemon) everytime it ripens in their house.  So with that my grandma started making salted meyer lemons out of it. It …

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