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Sambar powder / Sambar podi
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Sambar Powder / Homemade Sambar podi

Sambar powder / Sambar podi is a blend of spices that are roasted evenly and ground to a fine powder. This powder is used to make a lentil based gravy with vegetables called sambar. There are so many versions of sambar powder / Sambar podi and each family has its own way of making it. …

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Veppampoo Podi / Neem flower powder

Veppampoo podi or Neem flower powder is the best way to include Neem flower in our diet. It is widely used in Indian cooking and has a lot of medicinal properties. It has a bitter taste. Its good to use fresh neem flowers in cooking. They are so small and it is a tedious job …

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Mangalore Rasam Podi

Mangalore rasam podi is totally different from the rasam podi we make at home. In the one we make at home includes toor dhal, channa dhal, pepper etc., This rasam podi donot contains all these ingredients. I learnt this podi in one of the tv shows. We can use mangalore rasam podi for making different …

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Garlic Paruppu podi

Paruppu podi or Kalathu podi is the one which amma makes regularly at home. We all love it especially my brother is a big fan of amma’s Paruppu podi. We have never made garlic paruppu podi. But when I want to post a recipe with an ingredient starting with G, I chose garlic as the …

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Vangibath powder

Vangibath powder enables you to make a super delicious rice delicacy Vangibath. We get vangibath in a restaurant close to my house. They make super yummy Vangibath and other rice varieties. After that I have started making this frequently. This powder can also be used to make Ennai Kathirikkai kuzhambu, Brinjal curry and even tomato …

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Bisi bele bath powder

Bisi-bele-bath is a Kannada phrase meaning hot lentil rice. This is a Karnataka recipe. You can find this in restaurants that has Udupi cuisine. Amma makes this recipe at home occasionally when my bro and I were kids. Later I learnt some tips from our kannadian family friend and found it very easy and tastier. …

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Karuvepillai podi

Curry Leaves powder or karivepillai podi is a dry version of the curry leaves thogayal.It can be stored for a longer period and it is easy to carry when you are travelling. Karuvepillai=Karu+ Vepillai…. this leaves act as a vepillai to uterus and helps to get rid of irregular periods. It is rich in iron. So …

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Dosai milagai podi/Idli podi

        Idli podi / Dosai milagai podi is a coarse mixture of ground dry spices. It can be prepared and stored for three months. When we feel lazy to make side dish for idli, dosai, adai  you can mix this powder with oil and use as a side dish. I personally love …

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Rasam (South Indian Soup) podi

Rasam can be called as South indian soup. There are different kinds of rasam slightly varying in the ingredients used. The recipe I am going to give can be used to make traditional home-style rasam. I learnt this from my grandmom.  You can store this for more than six months. Always we need to grind …

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Chutney powder

Chutney powder is a very famous recipe in Kanataka. Usually I love to taste new recipes from outside and then will try it at home. This is one recipe which I loved at first, then my entire family. So I wished to try this at home. I tried to get this secret recipe from the …

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