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Italian bhel
Snacks / Chaat Starters

Italian Bhel

Italian Bhel is a twist a to Indian Bhel puri. This is a colourful, crispy and easy to make chaat or starter. I usually make Chinese bhel at home which has fried noodles and Chinese spices in it. This recipe is an adaptation from the Chinese Bhel. Italian bhel is made with fried pasta specifically …


Chilli Babycorn

Indo Chinese cuisine is one of my all time favourites. Whether it is manchurian or fried rice or chilli paneer, chilli babycorn etc are my favourites. For a long time I am searching the difference between Chilli babycorn and Babycorn manchurian. Now I have got an idea and I believe it is right. Babycorn manchurian basically …

Snacks / Chaat Starters

Baby corn fritters

  Baby corn fritters are crispy, crunchy snack and kids will love this. It is an incomparable snack with unique taste and texture.  For the first time I had this in a wedding reception of one of my cousins. From that time I want to  try this recipe. I made this at home as tea …


Gobi Manchurian

Manchurian is the name pertaining to the large geographical area in North east Asia. It is called as Manchuria and the people as manchurians.  Also it was beleived that many years ago people from China lived in Kolkata for a century. And they introduced Chinese cooking techniques in some recipes and it was named as  Indo – …


Spicy sweet corn

Spicy sweet corn is a healthy, colourful and easy recipe that can be prepared in a jiffy. As the name indicates it is sweet as well as spicy. Sweet corn is different from an ordinary corn. You will get this in almost all the departmental stores. Since this corn is sweet by nature, adding the …


Masala papad roll

        Masala papad is an Indian starter dish that includes the ingredients which induce the appetite. So you can serve it before lunch or as an evening snack.  This is one of the easy recipes and you can make it in a jiffy. You can make slight variations in the stuffings based …


Chilli Gobi

Chilli gobi is a best snack to have during winter and rainy days. This is my brother’s favourite. Whenever I makes this, he will ask me to serve him with onion slices and the lemon into two halves. So this recipe is made whenever my brother is here at home. But this time I made …

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