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Brigadeiros – Brazilian dessert

Brigadeiros are small fudgy balls that are popular in Brazil. This dessert occupies a space in almost all the parties in Brazil. I came to know about this recipe from my brother. He said it is so simple to make this at home but it will be a different sweet and dessert for the parties. …

International cuisine

Quesadilla – Paneer & Cheese

Quesadilla(Prounouced as Kasadia) is a Mexican cuisine in which the tortilla(tortia) is filled with vegetables and cheese. Tortilla is a thin flatbread made from plain flour / wheat flour / corn flour in Mexico. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can also use meat as a stuffing. I am going to share the recipe for …

International cuisine

Fajita Tex Mex cuisine

Fajita is a term used in Tex-Mex cuisine that is served with tacos or as a stuffing for quesadilla. They’re made with seasoned roasted peppers &  onions and some fajita seasoning.  Non vegetarians can add meat into the recipe but this is the vegetarian version of fajita. My younger brother bought the readymade taco seasoning …

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Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is a flat oven baked Italian bread that is similar to Pizza dough in texture. It is used as a side or can be served as an appetiser or snack. This recipe is so easy to make and tastes rich and wonderful with the addition of Italian herbs and toppings. This bread is crispy …

International cuisine

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is one of the main ingredients used in making pizzas. It has all the Italian herbs that helps in enhancing the flavour. I learnt this recipe in my cooking class where I used tomato puree to make this recipe. But I made slight modification and used fresh tomatoes and found it to be better …

Baking -Grilling-Toasting International cuisine

Baked Pasta

As usual I was bored with the regular food and was craving for something yummy and delicious.  I thought of making white sauce pasta and later took it to the next step of baking it. Nowadays I love to bake not only cakes and cookies but also other recipes.  This is the first recipe I …

Baking -Grilling-Toasting International cuisine


Calzone is an Italian oven baked folded pizza. The stuffing is placed inside the dough and is baked. The vegetarian version has bell peppers, cheese and corn in it. But you can use any filling of your choice. It can be eaten for a relaxed weekend dinner or even as an evening snack. I made this …

Baking -Grilling-Toasting International cuisine

Cheese Burst Pizza

Cheese Burst Pizza is offered by Dominos and is demanded by a lot of people. The reason behind this is it has oodles of cheese filled inside the pizza.  I came to know about this pizza through my younger brother. The way he described about this pizza tempted me to taste it once. But we could …

International cuisine

Pasta(Fusilli) in White Sauce

Pasta is a staple food in Italy. It is made out of Durum Wheat. Durum means hard and it is made from the hardest wheat.  Depending on its shape, it can be called as macroni, penne, fusilli, Spaghetti and so on.. Pasta with white sauce is the favourite one for my husband. He likes white …

International cuisine

White Sauce

I learnt to make white sauce from one of my cousins. White Sauce can be used as a base for many recipes. It is made with plain flour, butter and milk.  It act as a base for soups, can be used in making creamy pastha, sandwiches etc., You can pair this sauce with vegetables. INGREDIENTS …

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