Chadha chadhayam / Idichu pizhinja payasam.

Chadha chadhayam or Idichu pizhinja payasam is the most favoured payasam among Keralites. In Malayalam, idichu means pounding and pizhinju means squeezing. In olden days, the scraped coconut was pounded in mortar since there was no blenders or mixers. Hence the payasam was named like that. The main ingredient in this is coconut milk and the extraction of this milk makes the recipe a complicated one. Once my cousin visited my home and my mom and grandma made this payasam. After tasting this whenever he comes home he will ask to make this payasam. I learnt this recipe from my amma & paati and made this for tamil new year. It came out very well and when I distributed to my neighbour, she asked for one more cup. Once the coconut milk is extracted, this is very easy to make. But you need a lot of patience to do it.

Servings – 25 small cups

Difficulty level – Difficult


Cooked Rice – 1 small cup

Jaggery – 2 1/2 cups

Coconut – 1

Jackfruit – 5 cholai or Banana slices – few

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Ghee – 2 tsp


Extraction of Coconut milk

  • Scrap the coconut and add 1/2 cup of water. Grind it into a very smooth paste. Now squeeze the ground coconut over the strainer to extract the first milk or onnaam paal. Press the coconut well on the strainer with the hands or spoon. This is the onnaam paal and it is thick. Keep aside.
  • Again add 1 cup of water to the coconut, grind it. Repeat the process of squeezing and pressing to get the second milk or rendaam paal. Keep it separately.
  • Further add 1 cup of water to the coconut and grind it thoroughly. Squeeze it well and this is called the third milk or moonam paal. This will be thin.
  • Donot mix all the three milk together. Keep it in three different containers.

Main step

  • Pressure cook the rice with 3 cups of water(Rice:Water::1:3).
  • Crush the jaggery, add little water to dissolve and strain it to remove the dust and mud. Allow it to boil to avoid the raw smell.
  • Cut the jackfruit into small pieces.
  • In a heavy bottomed vessel, add third milk, jaggery syrup, rice and allow it to cook and blend well.
  • Once the raw smell goes off add the second milk, cook in low flame for ten minutes.
  • At this stage add the ghee, cardamom powder and the chopped jackfruit. Cook for five more minutes.
  • Finally add the first milk, cook for two minutes and turn off the stove.
  • The yummy payasam is ready. Serve it hot.

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