Carrot Payasam

Carrot payasam is a new recipe I learnt an year ago.  My mom and grandmom makes Carrot milkshake at home for me regularly.  It is one of my favourite milkshake.  But the carrot payasam is different from the milkshake. I made this payasam for Gayathri japam ie., the next day after Avani Avittam.  You can actually feel the presence of grated carrot  and it gives the payasam a different taste.



Carrot-  2 cups

Milk – 2 cups

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Ghee – 1 tbsp

Cashews – few

Raisins – few

Cardamom powder – A pinch

  • Wash and peel the skin of carrot. Grate the carrot.
  • In a pan, add ghee and saute the cashes and raisins.  The cashews will turn golden brown in colour and the raisins will bulge.
  • Now add the grated carrot and saute until the raw smell goes off. It will take about 10 minutes.
  • Add 1 cup of milk and cook the carrot. Once the carrot is cooked, add sugar and saute well. Now add 1/2 cup milk, cardamom powder.
  • The kheer gets thickened and add remaining 1/2 cup milk.  Simmer the stove, cook for five minutes and turn off the stove.

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