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Parippu pradhaman

Parippu Pradhaman Payasam

Parippu Pradhaman is a popular Kerala style payasam or kheer made with split moong dal, coconut milk and jaggery.  It occupies a space in Kerala Sadhya(feast) menu.  Sadhya includes payasam or pradhaman for sure. There are so many types of Pradhaman like Ada pradhaman, Paalada pradhaman, Chakka pradhaman, Kadala parippu pradhaman. There is also another …


Paal Payasam

Paal payasam is an exotic dessert made with rice, milk and sugar. It is made on the festival days and offered to God. This kheer should not be too thick. Else it will land up in paal sadham(milk rice) instead of paal payasam. This is one of the common errors that many make. You have …


Carrot Payasam

Carrot payasam is a new recipe I learnt an year ago.  My mom and grandmom makes Carrot milkshake at home for me regularly.  It is one of my favourite milkshake.  But the carrot payasam is different from the milkshake. I made this payasam for Gayathri japam ie., the next day after Avani Avittam.  You can …

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