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Neyyappam/Unni appam

Neyyappam/Unni appam is the traditional sweet recipe in Kerala and Tamilnadu made of rice flour and jaggery. It is also called as rice pancakes. Neyyappam is mainly made on Aavini avittam and Karthigai Deepam. It can be stored in an air tight container for about a week. You can make it in traditional bronze appa …


Chadhachadhayam / Idichu pizhinja payasam.

 Chadhachadhayam or Idichu pizhinja payasam is the most favoured payasam among Keralites. It is also called as thengai paal payasam or Coconut milk kheer. In Malayalam, idichu means pounding and pizhinju means squeezing. In olden days, the scraped coconut was pounded in mortar since there was no blenders or mixers. Hence the payasam was named …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Nellikai Arachukalakki

Arachukalakki is a distinctive dish of Palakkad Iyers.  Nellikai Arachukalakki as the name says, it has gooseberry in it. It has the unique taste of gooseberry and rich in vitamin C. You can also have this as a main course.  It is an easy recipe consisting of two steps – grinding and mixing. Hence the …


Chakkai Varatti / Jackfruit Jam

Chakka varatti is one of the famous kerala recipes with which we can make a lot of dishes. It is actually a jackfruit preserve made with jackfruit, jaggery and ghee and can be stored for an year or one and a half years. I love this a lot and my parents  make sure, this is …

South Indian gravy

Ishtu (Vegetable stew)

Ishtu is a stew made out of different colourful vegetables. I used potatoes, carrot, beans and green peas to make this stew. It is a recipe from Kerala. It goes best with Aapam and idiyappam. I came to know about this recipe through one of our family friends.  It can also be served along with roti. …

South Indian gravy

Kerala Kadala curry

    Kadala curry is one of the famous recipes in Kerala. It is served with puttu or Aapam. It also goes well with rotis or chappathis. Usually we make ishtu or Coconut chutney as an accompaniment for Aapam. And my chithappa suggested me that Aapam also tastes best with kadala curry. So this time …



Aapam – Queen of kerala is a fermented flat bread made out of rice. It is very simple, delicious and goes best with vegetable stew and Coconut chutney. INGREDIENTS Raw rice-  1 cup Par-boiled rice – 1 cup Coconut milk – 4 cups Dry yeast – 1 tsp Sugar – 1 tbsp Baking Soda – …

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