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Chithirai kani/ Tamil Varusha Porappu/Tamil puththandu

Chithiraikani or Tamil varusha porappu is celebrated in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. It falls on the second week of April. This is considered as the beginning of new year by the Tamilians. The tamilians in all over the world celebrate this vigorously. Similarly the Malayalam speaking people will celebrate their new year as Vishu. Mostly both  are celebrated on the...

Chadha chadhayam / Idichu pizhinja payasam.

Chadha chadhayam or Idichu pizhinja payasam is the most favoured payasam among Keralites. In Malayalam, idichu means pounding and pizhinju means squeezing. In olden days, the scraped coconut was pounded in mortar since there was no blenders or mixers. Hence the payasam was named like that. The main ingredient in this is coconut milk and the extraction of this milk...


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