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Biscuits and cookies

Oats Biscuit

Oats biscuit is a simple biscuit recipe made using oats, all purpose flour and some desiccated coconut. It is prepared in less than an hour. This easy-to-make recipe is a great option for all the vegetarians as they are made without using eggs in it. Oats biscuits are the perfect companions of our tea. These …

Biscuits and cookies

Sathumaavu Cookies / Sprouted Health mix Cookies

Sathumaavu or Health mix is a powder made with different pulses and grains. We can make it in two ways – Either by simply roasting the grains and grinding it to a powder or the sprouted ones. In the sprouted health mix powder, the grains are first sprouted and then they are roasted, and finally …

Biscuits and cookies

Butter / Benne Biscuit / Nankhatai

Butter Biscuit / Benne Biscuit / Nankhatai is a simple cookie that can be made with very few ingredients.  These are unleavened cookies, made with butter, sugar and maida.  It is so simple to make these cookies. There are so many variations that we can make with this basic dough – Red velvet cookies, Paan …

Biscuits and cookies

Amaranth Orange Cookies

Amaranth Orange cookies is made using Amaranth flour and the orange juice that we added gives it a nice citrus flavour. Amaranth flour is a flour that is packed with nutrients. It is made by grinding the seeds of Amaranth plant. They are rich in proteins, calcium and is full of antioxidants. When I had …

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