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Potato-Cumin curry

Potato is a favourite vegetable for almost everyone of us. Potato-cumin curry has cumin seeds as one of its main spices and it has a different flavour. this can be served as a side dish for anything or can be eaten as such as a snack. It is yummy 😛 😛 😛 😛 INGREDIENTS Potatoes – 8 Cumin seeds- 2...

Spicy Okra

Okra is nothing but one of the common vegetables that we use daily – Lady’s finger. They are rich in Pyridoxine, good anti-oxidant, vitamin -K and minerals. But many of us donot like this vegetable due to its sticky nature. But the recipe that I am going to make will not have the stickiness and my mom who will avoid...

Baby potatoes fry

Baby potatoes are potatoes that are taken from the soil before they are fully grown. They are used in making a variety of dishes with different culinary methods. But a very good method is to prick the potatoes to absorb the flavour. INGREDIENTS Baby potatoes – 1/2 kg Salt – As required Turmeric powder – A pinch Coconut oil –...


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