Aadi Pooram

            Aadi Pooram is one of the important festivals for Iyengars. The pooram star that falls on this month is the birthday of Andal. She is the only woman among 12 Alwars who composed Divya Prabhandham. She composed pasurams like Thiruppavai and Nachiyar thirumozhi. Vaaranam Aayiram is a renowned Thirumozhi. Normally  unmarried girls in tamilnadu sing this thiruppavai during the month of Margazhi(mid-Dec to mid-Jan). It is also played in all Perumal temples. Aadi pooram is celebrated in a grand manner in Srirangam and Srivalliputhur.
Aadi pooram_Andal

Story about Andal

Periazhwar a famous saint in Srivalliputhur prayed Goddess Lakshmi since he had no children. One day he saw a beautiful child near thulasi plant and named her Andal.  It was on a pooram star in the month of Aadi and hence it is considered as the birthday of Andal. Everyday Periazhvar pluck flowers, make garland out of it and offer it to Sri Ranganathar. Since she has grown seeing her father doing this regularly, she followed the same and made garland to Lord Ranganathar everyday. But before offering it to the God, she wore it everyday which was not known to her father.
Days passed and one day her dad, Periazhwar saw her wearing the garland to be offered it to the God and made new garland.  Then he went to the temple as usual to offer the garland to the God. But it fell off inspite of repeated attempts.  Sri Ranganathar did not accept it. The God appeared before Periazhwar and said that he would like to have only the one worn by Andal. Also God revealed that it was none other than Goddess Lakshmi and He will marry her. This year I got a new information from my mom.  Goddess attained puberty  on Aadi pooram and many temples celebrate this.

In my life

 It also has some significance in my life. My mom asked me to recite Vaaranam Aayiram composed by Andal everyday to get a good husband. I followed it and used to chant it everyday before my wedding. And by coincidence it was on Aadi Pooram my Hubby’s aunt & uncle visited our house regarding the alliance. We make akkaravadisal as a neiveydhyam on this day.
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