Aadi Krithigai

Aadi Krithigai is celebrated on the Krithikai star day during the month of Aadi, a spiritual month for special God based activities. It is of human origin to survive with relationship and financial problems at the least. Muruga is the promising primordial power who wards off the negative forces and obstacles of your life. Devotees carry flower kavadi and it is celebrated in a grand manner in many murugan temples especially in arupadai veedu(six main temples of Lord Muruga). He is also called as Lord Karthigeya as he was raised by six karthigai pengal.  Whenever some festival related with Lord Muruga comes, there are two persons who comes to my mind – My mom and my third uncle. Both of them worship Lord Muruga and have given the taste of thiruppugazh(written by Arunagirinathar) to their children too. It is good to sing thiruppugazh, kandhar anuboothi, Skandha guru kavacham, kandha Sashti Kavacham and Subramanya bhujangam on this day.


Though there are many songs in thiruppugazh, I want to mention some of them which are asked to sing regularly by my mom.  Whenever myself and my brother get ready to the school, she asks us to say “Madhiyaal Vithagannagi” a song that asks Lord Muruga to make us a wise and virtuous person, “Neelangol megathu and Thullumadha vel”  a song to be sung by an unmarried girl to get married. They are the songs that describes how valli waits for the garland from Lord Muruga and requested by her mother to Lord Muruga to come and embrace her daughter as she is tormented by love, “Adhirum kazhal” the line ‘idar sangaigal kalanga arulvaayae’ to get rid of sufferings and misgivings, “Thamarum Amarum”, the line ‘thanimai kazhiya arulvaayae’ requesting Lord Muruga to give the wisdom to get rid of loneliness and “Charana kamalalayaththai” the line ‘sagala selva yogamikka peruvaazhvu’  to be blessed with all good fortunes in life. There are thousands of thiruppugazh and I have just shared very few in this article. I dedicate this article to my mom and my uncle. People make payasam on this day and offer it to God.DSC00444

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