Thiruvathirai Kali

Thiruvaathirai is a hindu festival celebrated in Kerala and tamilnadu in the month of Dhanu or Margazhi( mid Dec- mid June). Aardhra dharisanam in Tamilnadu corresponds with thiruvaathirai in Kerala. Both are related to Lord Shiva. On this day we make a sweet with raw rice and jaggery.


Raw rice- 1 cup

Moong dhal – 2 tbsp

Jaggery – 1 cup

Water – 1 cup

Grated coconut – 1 cup

  • Roast the raw rice to golden brown. Ground it to coarse powder.
  • Heat the moong dhal in the pan and half- cook it.
  • Heat the water in another vessel, add jaggery and stir it. When it dissolves completely, strain it to remove the dust.
  • To this add moong dhal and let it blend with the jaggery extract.
  • When the jaggery extract starts to boil, add the rice powder and mix it well without forming any lumps. Add grated coconut and stir well.
  • ¬†Add enough ghee. the kali is ready.


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