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Salt Bun / Sandwich bun

Niranjana Sankaranarayanan
Breads and Buns are almost everyone's favourite from childhood days. How does it sound baking at home? Yes, we can make buns at home very easily. There are so many types of buns available and this can be called as salt bun or sandwich bun or hamburger bun. These soft textured buns can be used to make some savoury sandwiches. These are slightly salty, so when you cut it horizontally and stuff it with some cheese or vegetables, they taste really great. You can have these buns even for your breakfast or during tea-time. 
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Proofing time 40 mins
Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Course Bread, Breakfast, Bun
Cuisine American, European
Servings 6 buns


  • OTG


  • 250 gm Maida
  • 12 gm Sugar
  • 12 gm Butter
  • 5 gm Oil
  • 5 gm Salt
  • 10 gm Yeast
  • 150 ml Water


  • Measure all the ingredients and keep it ready.
  • Heat the water until it is lukewarm.
  • Take a small bowl and add half the quantity of measured water.
  • Into the lukewarm water, add active dry yeast, sugar and mix well.
  • Allow it to sit for sometime for the yeast to get activated.
  • After ten minutes, you can see the froth formed due to yeast activation.
  • The yeast is activated and the yeast mixture is ready.
  • Take another bowl and add maida into it.
  • Into it add salt, oil, butter and mix well.
  • Then add the yeast mixture into it.
  • Slowly sprinkle the remaining water and knead it to a smooth dough.
  • If reqd we can add 1-2 tsp extra water.
  • The dough should be smooth and non sticky. Give pressure with your hands and knead it well.(Check he video).
  • Now tuck it well and place it on a bowl. Apply oil over the dough. Close the bowl with a lid and allow it to double.
  • It nearly took 30 minutes to double.
  • Once it has doubled, punch it with your hands to release air.
  • Again, bring the dough together and start kneading.
  • Dust the working surface with flour and keep the dough.
  • Knead the dough with both your hands. Stretch the dough well and knead well.
  • Once finished kneading for atleast ten minutes, divide it into equal parts.
  • Take each portion and tuck it well and make balls.
  • Line the baking tray with butter paper or aluminium foil and arrange the buns on the ttray.
  • Sprinkle water on it.
  • Cover the tray with a cloth and allow for second proofing.
  • After ten to fifteen minutes, pre heat the oven at 230 degree celsius for 3 minutes.
  • Place the tray on a middle rack, bake at 170-180 degree celsius for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • For the first ten minutes, turn on both the rods and after that keep only the bottom rod on.
  • The buns will start turning brown. After 25 minutes,check. once done, remove from the oven else bake for five more minutes.
  • After removing from oven, brush it with butter immediately. This gives shining to the buns and keeps it soft.
  • The salt buns or sandwich buns are ready.
  • We can use this buns to make some savoury sandwiches.



  • Make sure the water is lukewarm. It should neither be too hot nor be too cold.
  • When you dip a finger in the water, you should be able to bear the heat.
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