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Thakkali / Tomato Rasam

Rasam is also called as South Indian soup. It has lot of medicinal effects and it is good to have rasam daily. There are so many types of rasams and each has its unique taste. Thakkali / Tomato rasam is made without any dhal. I have recipe for Paruppu Rasam where we use toor dhal …


Paruppu rasam / Dal rasam

 Paruppu rasam or Dal rasam is a South Indian soup that is made with tur dal, tomato, tamarind and other spices.  It goes well with hot rice. Paruppu means dal and rasam means South Indian soup. Its literal meaning is the essence of tamarind blended with dal and other aromatic ingredients and it is watery. …


Garlic Rasam

Rasam refers to South Indian soup. As we all say that soup is very good for health, any type of rasam is also good for health. Rasam is the day to day recipe in my home. My husband who was not used to eat rasam and not a big fan of it, became a regular …

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