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Sundakkai Arachuvitta Vathakuzhambu

Sundakkai is called as turkish berry in English and vathakuzhambu usully means the famous puli kuzhambu. To make the puli kuzhambu version of vathakuzhambu, we use sundakkai vathal (sun dried turkish berry) and we donot use any dhal or ground masala. This is Palakkad style vathakuzhambu where we use fresh turkish berry aka sundakkai. Also this vathakuzhambu looks like sambar...

Kannamma perima’s Saadham masaal

Saadham masaal is one of the tastiest recipes I have eaten so far. This cannot be considered either as a sambar or as a North Indian gravy.  I got to know this recipe from my kannama perima. This is her MIL’s recipe. When perima came to my place she made this recipe and I loved it. Then I couldn’t resist...


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