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Cheese-bread sandwich

Cheese and bread are usually the favourite among the kids. Usually my appa makes yummy bread-jam-butter for our family. He also makes toasted bread for us. He does it with patiently by applying butter on one slice, jam on the other and making it a sandwich. Though it is a very simple one, the love with which he makes it...

Spicy diamond cuts

Spicy diamond cuts is popularly known as maida mavu (All purpose flour) biscuit in our family.  My bro and I like this for its teeny-weeny size, shape and obviously for its taste. My mom and grany makes this diamond cuts(both spicy and sweet) as an evening snack for me and my bro.  I learnt this from my mom and grany....

Spicy sweet corn

Spicy sweet corn is a healthy, colourful and easy recipe that can be prepared in a jiffy. As the name indicates it is sweet as well as spicy. Sweet corn is different from an ordinary corn. You will get this in almost all the departmental stores. Since this corn is sweet by nature, adding the spicy items will give it...


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