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Hagalkayi Gojju / Pavakkai Gojju

Hagalkayi gojju is a popular dish in Karnataka apart from Kathrikaai gojju, Pinaapple gojju etc., This is one of my favourite recipes made with bittergourd. We usually make pavakkai poriyal, Pavakkai pitlai at home but this is totally different and there is no bitterness in the recipe. This goes well with curd rice. We can also mix this gojju with...

Mangai thokku / Sweet and Spicy Mango pickle

Mangoes are everyone’s favourite be it a raw mango or ripened one. We can make a lot of recipes using both raw and ripened mango. During Summer season, we can see lot of mangoes in the market. Using raw mango we can make different varieties of pickles like mangai kari, avakkai, mangai thokku and mangai pachadi, mangai kootan, Mango rice,...

Mor milagai

Mor milagai are the sun dried green chillies after being soaked in the buttermilk and salt. Whenever my grandpa finds a long green chillies in the market, he will get a kilo or two and ask my grandma or mom to make this. This is one the favourites for my grandpa and my brother. The process starts with slitting the...


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