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Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham

Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham is a colourful, tasty and very healthy rice recipe. We can make it in few minutes without much strain. Chambakka is a bell shaped fruit available in bright pink, rose and white colour. It is also called as java apple, Jambakkai, Jambakka, rose apple, plum rose, Malabar plum, etc. …

Ellu saadham

Ellu Saadham / Ellodharai

Ellu Saadham / Ellodharai is given as Prasadham in many Venkatachalapathy temples during Purattasi month. I learnt this recipe from my amma. As we all know, sesame is rich in iron. including it in any form is good for health. We also make ellu chikki, ellu podi at home, but making of ellu urundai is …


Vangibath/Brinjal Rice/Kathirikkai Saadham

 Vangibath is a South Indian delicacy made with brinjals and spice powder. It has a unique taste and originates from Karnataka. I had this rice in a restaurant nearby and it is so yummy that I wished to learn this recipe. It was then I started hunting for the recipe. Twice I didnt get the …

Mango rice

Mango Rice / Maavinakayi chithranna / Mangai Sadham

Raw mango rice is a South Indian delicacy made with sour mangoes. We prepare it like we make lemon rice at home. Here in this recipe, the tanginess comes from the raw mango instead of lemon juice. It is one of the easiest rice varieties which can be made in few minutes without any fuss. …

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