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Millets Parathas and rotis

Ragi / Fingermillet phulka

Ragi / Fingermillet Phulka is a healthy and calcium rich food  that we can make in the place of regular phulka. Fingermillet flour or ragi flour is one of the millets which is packed with nutrients. Sorghum flour, Fingermillet flour, Pearlmillet flour are regularly used in my house. I have tried different ways to make …

North Indian gravy Paneer gravy

Aloo Paneer Matar

Aloo paneer matar is a North Indian gravy prepared with potato, cottage cheese and green peas.  They are cooked in the tomato gravy along with the spices. This is the first recipe I made after my wedding so this is always special for me.  It is very easy to make as well as tasty. You …

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