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Maa inji- pachai milagu oorugai / mango-ginger pepper pickle

Mango Ginger  is a family of ginger or turmeric. This is available in certain seasons only. This looks like normal ginger but it smells like raw mango. Some call it as white ginger. This has the best medicinal value and is very good for digestion. Unripe pepper is plucked fresh from the plant before it ripens. I learnt this recipe...

Milagu rasam

Rasam can be called as South Indian soup. Its literal meaning is the essence of tamarind blended with other aromatic ingredients. It can be served with hot rice. It is watery. there are different varieties of rasam and I am going to give you the recipe for Paruppu rasam. INGREDIENTS Tamarind – medium lemon size Pepper powder – 3 tsp...


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