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Jackfruit puzhukku / Chakka Puzhukku

Puzhukku is a popular dish in Kerala and it can be made with different vegetables like Tapioca, Jackfruit, Green gram, etc., Here I have made the puzhukku with jackfruit. The jackfruit should be half ripened for this recipe to get the best taste. If it is ripened fully, then the original taste cannot be achieved. This is usually served with...

Pulikuthi Upperi

Pulikuthi Upperi is a Palakkad Iyer recipe that is so popular in this community. Is is a tangy blend of stir fried vegetables. We normally use desi vegetables to make this recipe. Here i have used red pumpkin, lady’s finger, brinjal, plantain. We can also make it with one vegetable. It goes best with Molagootal. This stir fry is totally...

Mambazha Pachadi / Sweet mango relish

Mambazha pachadi ia a seasonal and traditional recipe prepared during tamil varusha porappu /Chithirai kani and Vishu kani. This pachadi can be made with or without tamarind. I learnt this recipe from my paati. In my home, we mix it with hot rice and have it with papad. It tastes yum and is a popular one in my home. This...


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