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Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry
Poriyal/Kootu South Indian gravy

Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry

Chenai Erissery / Kerala style Yam Curry is a popular and traditional Kerala curry served in Vishu and Onam Sadhya. Chenai Erissery / Yam Curry is made with elephant foot yam, that is spiced with coconut paste and tempered with roasted coconut. This is my family recipe and it has a unique taste because of …


Jackfruit / Chakka Puzhukku

Jackfruit / Chakka Puzhukku is a traditional dish from Kerala prepared with raw jackfruit and with some fresh spices. Puzhukku is a popular dish in Kerala and it is made with different vegetables like Tapioca, Jackfruit, Green gram, etc., Here I have made the puzhukku with jackfruit. The jackfruit should be half ripened for this …


Pulikuthi Upperi

Pulikuthi Upperi is a Palakkad Iyer recipe that is so popular in this community. Is is a tangy blend of stir fried vegetables. We normally use desi vegetables to make this recipe. Here I have used red pumpkin, lady’s finger, brinjal, plantain. We can also make it with one vegetable. It goes best with Molagootal. …

South Indian gravy

Murungai keerai molagootal

Murungai keerai Molagootal is a very healthy protein rich recipe made with dal and drumstick leaves along with some ground coconut masala. Molagootal is a distinctive Palakkad Iyers’ recipe. It is a combination of vegetables and lentils with coconut. In tamilnadu they make a slightly modified version and call it as a Porichakootu(Which I have …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Mambazha Pachadi / Sweet mango relish

Mambazha pachadi ia a seasonal and traditional recipe prepared during tamil varusha porappu /Chithirai kani and Vishu kani. This pachadi can be made with or without tamarind. I learnt this recipe from my paati. In my home, we mix it with hot rice and have it with papad. It tastes yum and is a popular …


Idichakkai upperi / Raw Jackfruit curry

Idichakki Upperi / Raw Jack fruit curry is one such popular dish in Kerala, in which tender jackfruit is cooked, then shredded and stir fried with coconut,some spices and served along with steamed rice. Idichakkai upperi is one of the famous dish in Kerala cuisine. Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit from March to may. Initially …

South Indian gravy

Aviyal / Avial

Aviyal / Avial is a dish that has a unique place in Kerala as well as Tamil Cuisine. It is a mixture of vegetables, curd, coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. This is one of the main dishes in Kerala’s vegetarian feast (Sadhya). It can be mixed with rice or can be served …

South Indian gravy

Thengai varuthu kottina porichuzhambu

Thengai varuthu kottina porichozhambu is one of my favourite South Indian gravies. This is one of the Kerala recipes. You can make this recipe with plantain, potato, yam, cowpeas, chick peas. The combination is Plantain-cowpeas, Plantain – Chick peas, Yam- chick peas, Plantain-potato-cowpeas. This recipe is not made in a regular basis but once this …


Arasanikkai kootu (Sweet pumpkin gravy)

Arasanikkai kootu is a dish made with sweet pumpkin, coconut and green chillies. It is less aqueous than sambar but more so dry than curry. The sweetness of the pumpkin and the hotness of the green chilli gives an unique flavour. INGREDIENTS Sweet pumpkin – 1/4 Coconut – 1/2 Green chillies – 2 Turmric powder – …

South Indian gravy


Erissery is a special dish prepared in Kerala for Sadhi. My paati prepare this dish at home. It can be prepared using yam, plantain, pumpkin, raw jackfruit or the combination of two vegetables. It is served with rice, pickle or pachadi. I have used plantain. Instead of that we can use any other mentioned vegetable. …

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