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Puffed rice chikki / Murmura chikki / Pori chikki

         The idea of making puffed rice chikki came from the aval pori and nel pori that we make for thirukarthigai. We buy muttai pori(puffed rice) regulary at home and kaara pori is the most commonly made snack in the evening. I remember an aunty making muttai pori urundai and she packs …

Baked Snacks & Sweets Snacks / Chaat

Baked Fingermillet / Ragi crisps

Fingermillet  / Ragi crisps is an healthy snack to munch for our evening tea time cravings. Fingermillet which is popularly called as ragi in tamil is a millet that is packed with nutrients. It is a super cereal that helps in controlling diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and lot more. Consuming it daily helps in improving one’s …

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