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Multigrain Adai

Adai is made out of rice and lentils. Since it contains all types of dhal and lentils, it is very healthy and also tasty recipe. It is usually prepared for breakfast. It goes best with Aviyal. Adai with butter is yummy and rich. We can add onions, carrot, drumstick leaves on adai. It adds respective …

Parathas and rotis

Mixed Veg Paratha

Mixed Veg paratha is a healthy, tasty tiffin that donot need any side dish. Making sambar, rasam and curry daily is boresome. So  I want to make something different for our dinner. Since I had a lot of vegetables at home, veg kurma and roti is the best option. But I felt something that is …

Sweets Tiffin

Oats porridge

     Oat meal or oat bran are rich source of fibres. They help in reducing bad cholesterol(LDL) without reducing the good cholesterol(HDL). Oats like other grains and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals and fight against carcinogens. Daily serving of whole oats will lowers hypertension and helps in reducing weight.  Due to the presence of …

Millets Tiffin

Samba ravai upma

Wheat Rava is also known as Godhumai Rava or samba rava in tamil and dalia in hindi & is an excellent source of fiber and is also low in cholesterol.Wheat  Rava Upma is a simple and healthy breakfast. Its not only healthy, but also a filling breakfast recipe. You can also add vegetables to make it …

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