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Corn Methi Sandwich

Corn Methi Sandwich is one of the healthy breakfast that you can serve your family. Even if one doesn’t like fenugreek leaves, they will start eating if you give it in this way. I have not done anything to remove the bitterness of the fenugreek. I washed it well, and sauteed in the butter along with corn and garlic. Saute...

Sabudhana Kichadi

Sabudhana kichadi is made during fasting days like Navarathri,. Mahashivarathri, Ekadasi. I started making this recipe after I got married. When I was chatting with my mom, I told her that I was bored with regular tiffin items and wanted to try something new. She suggested me this recipe. After that this has become a regular tiffin item in my house....


Aapam РQueen of kerala is a fermented flat bread made out of rice. It is very simple, delicious and goes best with vegetable stew and Coconut chutney. INGREDIENTS Raw rice-  1 cup Par-boiled rice Р1 cup Coconut milk Р4 cups Dry yeast Р1 tsp Sugar Р1 tbsp Baking Soda РA pinch Soak raw rice...


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