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Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli

Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli

Rava Idli / Semolina / Sooji Idli is a steamed cake made with semolina, curd, some veg and spices. It is one of my favourite tiffin items. Including me I have seen many people who hate to eat idli.  But Rava Idli is an exception. It is very tasty, spongy  and most of the people …


Karthigai Adai

Adai is made out of rice and lentils. Usually we make adai with all types of dhal and lentils. But the Karthigai adai differs from the normal one. It has pepper and cumin seeds with some chopped coconut in it. The flavour of cumin and black pepper and the bite of coconut bits makes this …


Murungai Ilai Adai

Drumstick leaves adai popularly known as Murungai Ilai Adai is a great tiffin recipe that is packed with Iron. This is one of my favourite tiffin recipes from childhood. Drumstick leaves are packed with nutrients like Vitamins, minerals, Iron, etc., They are also good source of antioxidants. So its always good to include this in …

Lachcha paratha_pin
Parathas and rotis

Lachcha Paratha

Lachcha Paratha is an amazing North Indian paratha that is quite popular in many Indian households. Ideally served along with any main dish of your choice at lunch or dinner, this paratha can be prepared in no time. This is also called as Layered Paratha as the layers are separated by ghee. They are sightly …


Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal is a traditional South- Indian tiffin which is very easy to make. It is also offered as a prasadham in many temples. The right quantity of water,  cooking the rice is the most important step in making pongal. If the quantity of water is more, then the pongal cannot be scooped and served. …


Instant Wheat dosai / Godhumai dosai

 Instant wheat dosai / Godhumai dosai is a healthy variation for the normal dosai we make at home. This dosai is so simple but there are some nuances to get the perfect dosai. This is one of the recipes made regularly in my home. My amma and paati makes this for tiffin and mostly they …


Besan cheela / Veg omelette

Besan cheela or Veg omelette is a savoury pancake which is packed with proteins. It is very easy to make and healthy too. Though I shot this video two years back, missed to publish it. My amma has lot of recipe collections and this is from that collection. This was under the name veg omelette …

Baking -Grilling-Toasting Tiffin

Sooji / Rava toast

Sooji / Rava toast is a perfect snack item to serve in the morning as breakfast or as an tea-time snack. We need semolina, curd, and few vegetables like onion, bell pepper, green chillies. We can also add tomatoes, but I personally do not like to add it in the batter. Mix all the ingredients …

Millets Tiffin

Ragi Semiya

Ragi Semiya is one of the healthy breakfast recipes. It is known as fingermillet in english and kaezhvaragu in tamil.   People have started to forget about our traditional, old  ingredients like ragi, kambu, cholam. They are highly nutritious and are very cheap to get. Infact they are called as poor man’s crops in Economics. …


Vegetable Vermicelli

Semiya upma is also known as Vermicelli upma which is my all time favourite. Though we make Rava upma frequently at home, I like semiya upma than rava upma. Whenever I make, either it will not be cooked properly or it will become mushy. It took sometime to make Vermicelli upma perfectly. Once learnt, it is …

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