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Biscuits and cookies

Eggless Coconut Macaroons

Macaroons are a small biscuit or a cookie which is made with ground almond or coconut and uses egg in the recipe. Eggless Coconut macaroons as the name say, it has coconut as the main ingredient. My recipe is an eggless version which is so simple to make and needs two basic ingredients to make …

Biscuits and cookies

Ajwain Biscuit

Ajwain biscuit or Omam biscuit as it is popularly called in tamil, is one of the common biscuits in the market. This is also called as Baby teething biscuit.  I love the flavor and the taste of this biscuit. You can feel the aroma of carom seeds everywhere inside the house. and this is very easy …

Biscuits and cookies

Multigrain Biscuit

Biscuits and cookies are always everyone’s favourite. Multigrain biscuit is an healthier one when compared to other biscuits. Today is my dear parents’ wedding anniversary and I dedicate these heart- shaped biscuits to them. They are my backbone and strength. Parents are the only persons  in this world who shower unconditional love upon us and …

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