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Beverage Summer coolers

Mango Frooti / Maaza – Homemade

Maaza / Mango Frooti – Mango frooti fresh and juicy is a popular ad line that we all have enjoyed from childhood days. Yes, it is also my favourite drink when I was kid and even now. I donot prefer aerated drinks but there is no “No” for Mango Frooti. How about making it at …

Beverage Summer coolers

Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a yoghurt based drink originated in India. It is very popular in Punjab. Lassi is made by blending thick curd, some spices and sugar. We can also add some fruits into it. So to make mango lassi, we add fresh mangoes and blend it with other ingredients. This is my favourite lassi. …


Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate flavoured milk or chocolate flavoured dishes are favourite not only for the kids but for many adults too. My husband is an ardent lover of chocolate flavoured milk. This is one of the easiest milkshakes made in no time. Also there is no need for the extra addition of sugar or honey or jaggery.  …

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