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Paruppu usili

Paruppu usili is a very popular brahmin recipe which is ground, steamed and mixed with kothavarangai, beans, vazhaipoo and ammini kozhakkattai. It is rich in protein and is a better substitute for coconut green chilli mixture that we use for making poriyal or upperi. Its so easy to make. Though i have made it many times, missed to post this...

Beans Paruppu usili

Beans paruppu usili is a very popular tamil Brahmin dish. It is commonly prepared with plantain flower/ Vaazhaipoo, french beans, cluster beans, flat beans, cabbage. The vegetable and the paruppu usili is cooked separately and is tempered and mixed together. Also the vegetable look yummy and colourful.   INGREDIENTS Beans –  1/2 Kg Water – To cook Turmeric powder –...


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