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Biscuits and cookies

Oats Biscuit

Oats biscuit is a simple biscuit recipe made using oats, all purpose flour and some desiccated coconut. It is prepared in less than an hour. This easy-to-make recipe is a great option for all the vegetarians as they are made without using eggs in it. Oats biscuits are the perfect companions of our tea. These …

Biscuits and cookies

Sathumaavu Cookies / Sprouted Health mix Cookies

Sathumaavu or Health mix is a powder made with different pulses and grains. We can make it in two ways – Either by simply roasting the grains and grinding it to a powder or the sprouted ones. In the sprouted health mix powder, the grains are first sprouted and then they are roasted, and finally …

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Hamburger bun / Salt Bun / Sandwich Bun

Breads and Buns are almost everyone’s favourite from childhood days. How does it sound baking at home? Yes, we can make buns at home very easily. There are so many types of buns available and this can be called as salt or sandwich or hamburger bun. These soft textured buns can be used to make …

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Focaccia Bread

Focaccia is a flat oven baked Italian bread that is similar to Pizza dough in texture. It is used as a side or can be served as an appetiser or snack. This recipe is so easy to make and tastes rich and wonderful with the addition of Italian herbs and toppings. This bread is crispy …

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Italian Strawberry Rolls

Italian rolls is the first recipe I made using my New OTG.  With a bit of fear and excitement I made this recipe.  This is a simple and easy rolls that can be made in one hour. I thank my friend for teaching me this recipe.  I distributed this rolls to my neighbours and they …

Breads- Buns-Cakes Whole-Wheat Bakes

Eggless Carrot Cake

               I wanted to make something unique, healthy and easy that can be made in a jiffy. I had two options – orange cake / carrot cake. Finally I decided to make carrot cake. This recipe is very easy to make and needs very less time. It has wheat …

Biscuits and cookies

Multigrain Biscuit

Biscuits and cookies are always everyone’s favourite. Multigrain biscuit is an healthier one when compared to other biscuits. Today is my dear parents’ wedding anniversary and I dedicate these heart- shaped biscuits to them. They are my backbone and strength. Parents are the only persons  in this world who shower unconditional love upon us and …

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Eggless Whole wheat banana bread using Applesauce

Baking bread and cakes using multigrain flour and whole wheat is always a healthier option than using plain flour/ All purpose flour.  This is my first experiment with wheat flour. I got to know about the applesauce from my Sister-in-law. Applesauce takes the place of oil and butter in this banana bread recipe. I am very …

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