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Thengai pooranam

Thengai pooranam is a mixture of coconut with the jaggery syrup. This is the first time I made thengai pooranam. I learnt this from my paati (Dad’s mom). Amma and paati makes pooranam as a stuffing for modhagam. This is one of my favourite sweets(Of course whatever that is made out of jaggery :P). Whenever they make this, I thought it is a very difficult recipe. But to make the thengai pooranam is very easy and you can make it in no minutes.


Ellu Chiguli / Stuffing for Ellu kozhakkattai

Ellu Chiguli is a very simple sweet that we can make in no minutes. Its a mixture of sesame and jaggery. This is very healthy and rich in iron. ‘Open Sesame’ is a famous phrase in the movie Alibaba and forty thieves. Yes!! It bursts open when it attains maturity. They are available in two …


Neyyappam/Unni appam

Neyyappam/Unni appam is the traditional sweet recipe in Kerala and Tamilnadu made of rice flour and jaggery. It is also called as rice pancakes. Neyyappam is mainly made on Aavini avittam and Karthigai Deepam. It can be stored in an air tight container for about a week. You can make it in traditional bronze appa …


Gulab Jamun with Khova & Paneer

Gulab Jamun is a famous Indian sweet that is made on festival days as well as for party. This sweet is always close to my heart, because amma makes this at home and there is always customisation of this sweet according to our taste. She really makes best gulab jamun because it is cooked well …

Dessert/ Icecream International cuisine Sweets

Brigadeiros – Brazilian dessert

Brigadeiros are small fudgy balls that are popular in Brazil. This dessert occupies a space in almost all the parties in Brazil. I came to know about this recipe from my brother. He said it is so simple to make this at home but it will be a different sweet and dessert for the parties. …


Puffed rice chikki / Murmura chikki / Pori chikki

         The idea of making puffed rice chikki came from the aval pori and nel pori that we make for thirukarthigai. We buy muttai pori(puffed rice) regulary at home and kaara pori is the most commonly made snack in the evening. I remember an aunty making muttai pori urundai and she packs …

Snacks / Chaat Sweets

Aam Papad / Mango Bar

Aam papad is a Indian fruit leather made with mango pulp. The concentrated mango pulp is sweetened with the sugar solution. I first tasted this when I was very young and once we made at home and it became everyone’s favourite. This time I planned to take the video of aam papad. This recipe is …

Baked Snacks & Sweets Sweets

Gujiya – Baked & Fried

Gujiya is a sweet dumpling make with all purpose flour or semolina or wheat flour with khova, coconut and mixed nuts stuffing. I learnt this recipe from one of my North Indian friends. It was for one holi she made it and I went to observe her making it. This recipe is time consuming but …


Carrot Halwa in Pressure cooker

Carrot halwa is a traditional Indian sweet or pudding made with Delhi carrots, milk and sugar.  It is also called as Gajrela. Traditionally it is made by simmering freshly grated carrot in full fat milk. But here I didn’t grate the carrot, instead I chopped it into big chunks and used pressure cooker method to …


Thiruvathirai Kali

Thiruvathirai Kali is made on Thiruvathirai, a hindu festival celebrated in Kerala and tamilnadu in the month of Dhanu or Margazhi( mid Dec- mid June). Aardhra dharisanam in Tamilnadu corresponds with thiruvathirai in Kerala. Both are related to Lord Shiva. On this day we make thiruvathirai Kali and a side dish for it. The sweet …

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