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Whole Wheat Corn muffins
Baking -Grilling-Toasting Breads- Buns-Cakes

Whole Wheat Corn muffins

Whole Wheat Corn muffins is a savoury muffin made with whole wheat flour, corn kernals and other ingredients to give flavour to these muffins. This is an eggless version but we can also make it with eggs. Muffins are handy one that can be had for breakfast. We can also gobble and eat these during …

Rice murukku / Rice chakli
Snacks / Chaat

Rice Murukku / Rice Chakli

Rice Murukku / Rice Chakli is a delicious snack made mainly with rice flour,  different types of lentil flour, and other miscellaneous ingredients. Usually we use roasted urad dal powder to make murukku. But we can also use other lentil flours like fried gram dal powder, besan flour along with cumin or sesame seeds. Apart …


Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham

Rose Apple rice / Chambakka Sadham is a colourful, tasty and very healthy rice recipe. We can make it in few minutes without much strain. Chambakka is a bell shaped fruit available in bright pink, rose and white colour. It is also called as java apple, Jambakkai, Jambakka, rose apple, plum rose, Malabar plum, etc. …

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