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Biscuits and cookies

Sathumaavu Cookies / Sprouted Health mix Cookies

Sathumaavu or Health mix is a powder made with different pulses and grains. We can make it in two ways – Either by simply roasting the grains and grinding it to a powder or the sprouted ones. In the sprouted health mix powder, the grains are first sprouted and then they are roasted, and finally …


Punjabi Mango Pickle / Aam ka Achaar

Punjabi Mango pickle or Aam ka achar preparation is completely different from the Andhra style or South Indian mango pickle. It is a very popular pickle that goes well with parathas. There are so many varieties of mango pickle and each has its own uniqueness. Punjabi Mango pickle is made with Indian spices and mustard …

Baking -Grilling-Toasting Breads- Buns-Cakes

Hamburger bun / Salt Bun / Sandwich Bun

Breads and Buns are almost everyone’s favourite from childhood days. How does it sound baking at home? Yes, we can make buns at home very easily. There are so many types of buns available and this can be called as salt or sandwich or hamburger bun. These soft textured buns can be used to make …


Elai vadam / Thalir Vadam / Rice Papad

Elai Vadam is similar to papad and is made with rice or lentils or potato or sago. Vadam is served as an accompaniment for Sambar rice or Rasam. Elai vadam is one of the favourite for me and my brother, that amma and paati make in our house. Since this was not available in shops …

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