Mango Frooti / Maaza

Mango Frooti – Mango frooti fresh and juicy is a popular ad line that we all have enjoyed from childhood days. Yes, it is also my favourite drink when I was kid and even now. I dont prefer aerated drinks but there is no “No” for Mango Frooti. How about making it at home without any preservative. Interesting, right? Yes, so easy and simple to make too. If you make it and keep it ready, you can store it for about one week to ten days and can serve your guests.

Mangoes are everyone’s favourite and that too if you have mango tree in the backyard of your house, what else you want? The mangoes that get ripened from our tree are so juicy and sweet and you can make lot of recipes with it. There is no sour taste and it has a lot of pulp with a very small seed inside when compared to other mangoes. So I used these mangoes to make frooti. And I have used Thothapuri mango as raw mango. If you want a bit of sourness, you can use any raw mango. That totally depends on your taste.

I am submitting this recipe for A to Z recipe Challenge. Ever month, we bloggers choose an ingredient with an alphabet and make a recipe out of this. This month it is letter ‘M’ and I choose Mango as an ingredient.

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Ripened Mangoes – 2

Raw Mango / Tothapuri – 1

Sugar – 3/4 cup in 250 ml cup

Water  – 1 litre + 225 ml

  • Take ripened mangoes and raw mango, wash well.
  • Peel the skin and chop them to big pieces.

  • Transfer the mango pieces into a vessel, add water and pressure cook the mangoes.
  • Allow it to cool and then grind it to a fine puree.
  • If you are using juicer to grind, Then you can skip straining the mango piree.
  • If you are using mixie jar, then strain the puree after grinding to get rid of the fibre part.
  • Into the ground and strained puree, add sugar and mix well.

  • Finally add one litre of water and mix well.
  • Mango Frooti or Maaza is ready.
  • We can serve it chilled or in room temperature. Both tastes good.

This recipe is a part of A to Z challenge, a challenge initiated by bloggers Jolly Makkar and Vidya Narayan on Facebook Group, wherein a group of bloggers come together and we choose key ingredients alphabetically to cook and post a dish every month. This month alphabet is ‘M’, so my contribution for this month is Mango frooti. 



  • The shelf life of the frooti is between one week and ten days.
  • Donot miss to use unripe mango because it gives the exact taste and flavour of the frooti.



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28 Responses

  1. What can be better than home made drinks to quench our thirst in summer without the addition of preservatives. Frooti is loved by one and all… so juicy and sweet. My kids also loved it and even now they they get it from the Indian grocery store in USA .

  2. Wow! Just wow! I can imagine just how flavourful and refreshing this drink would be.

    I love the taste of Frooti, and would surely like to try out this home-made version with no additives or preservatives. What is the shelf life like?

  3. Everyone loves mango frooti and what can be better than homemade mango frooti which is without any preservatives. Your mango frooti looks super yummy. Raw mango gives perfect tanginess to frooti. Waiting for mango season. Can’t wait to try.

  4. Wow! homemade frooti! I can’t say how much I miss frooti…. making it at home is a great idea. I would love to try this recipe when mangoes are available in market this season.

  5. We all grew up with Frooti. Do you remember, the birthday parties were a plate of food and a small frooti tetra pack? Ah! lovely memories. Making this at home now would be quite simple, thanks to your detailed recipe. This looks super delicious. Cheers to our priceless childhood memories.

  6. Totally in love with your Mango Frooti recipe. Love that addition of the raw mango, would give a nice little tinge.

  7. At my home every loves frooti even Aarush too, what can be better than homemade frooti without any preservatives. I’ll definitely try this when mango season is there. Mango frooti looks super refreshing. Raw mango gives perfect balanced to frooti.

  8. Seeing this summer cooler I remember the jingle mango fruity fresh n juicy!! This one is one of my favorite, I prepared a big batch of this last year, waiting for mangoes to hit the market and make again. This is super hit Niranjana,

  9. I tried making mango frooti at home last year and it does taste great. The best part about such homemade drinks is that they are preservative-free and we know what is actually going into it.

  10. WOW !! So fresh and juicy recipe. YEs, it is a popular from each one’s childhood days. I simply love this homemade mango frooti recipe.

  11. Lovely recipe. Everyone loves frooti and when it is homemade then its taste increases. Bookmarking your recipe.

  12. Who doesn’t love Frooti?? We all grew up on this drink.Here in US I miss it so much.. thanks to your recipe I now can make it at home.. delicious share.

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