Mumbai Pav bhaji Dosa / Pav Bhaji Dosai

Dosa or Dosai is a popular breakfast recipe in South india but has become popular in North India too. Due to the cultural influence of the local place, the dosa started getting new form and hence the 99 Variety dosa was born. Among that one is Pav bhaji dosa.  These are extremely popular street food in Mumbai. Some people spread the cooked Bhaji on the top of the dosa but here we will cook the bhaji on the top of the dosa in low flame. This can be called as a fusion dosa. Also there is an information that this Dosa was introduced by a couple in Haasan, karnataka.

Recipe for Dosa batter is so simple however it differs to some extent in each house. You can go ahead and follow your regular Dosa batter recipe to make this dosa.


To make one Pav Bhaji dosa

Dosa batter – 2 Big ladles

Turmeric powder – A pinch

Salt – As reuired (If you have not added in the batter while grinding)

Stuffing / Bhaji

Chopped onion – 1 tbsp

Chopped Tomato – 1 tbsp

Green/Red/Yellow Capsicum – 1 tbsp

Grated carrot – 2 tbsp

Boiled green peas – 1 tbsp

Boiled Cauliflower florets – 1 tbsp

Boiled and Mashed Potato – 2 tbsp

Butter – 2 tbsp

Pav Bhaji Masala – 2 tsp

Green chilli sauce – 1/2 tsp

Tomato sauce – 1 tsp

Garlic red chilli paste – 1/2 tsp

Grated cheese – 1 to 2 tbsp

Salt –  As req

  • Take two ladles of batter and add a pinch of turmeric powder into it and mix well.
  • Heat the skillet and spread the batter to make thin crispy dosa.
  • Once the dosa is half cooked, keep the flame low and start adding all the ingredients at the centre.
  • First add butter, then onion, tomatoes, and then all the vegetables (capsicum, green peas, carrot, cauliflower, potato) one by one.
  • Then add Pav bhaji masala, green chilli sauce, garlic red chilli paste, tomato sauce, salt.
  • Mix it well with the spoon and spread it evenly on the top of the dosa.
  • Mash the bhaji well so that they get blended well.
  • Cook the bhaji in low flame until the raw smell goes off.
  • Then carefully and gently remove the bhaji from the dosa and transfer it to a bowl. Donot remove the bhaji completely.
  • Once the dosa is cooked, roll it and the Pav Bhaji dosa is ready.

  • Cut it with the pizza cutter, arrange it o a plate, sprinkle some grated cheese and serve hot.


  • We can also add boiled corn in the recipe.
  • Always cook in low flame after you add all the vegetables and spices.
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