Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated by the people of Tamilnadu in mid January. They reap the crops and offer it to Sun God. It is also called as thanks giving festival. ‘Pongal’ comes from the word ‘ponga’ which literally means ‘boil’ and so ‘pongal’ denotes ‘spillover’ or that which is ‘overflowing’. It’s also the name of the special sweet dish cooked on the Pongal day. Pongal continues through the first four days of the ‘Thai’ month that starts on January 14 every year  or on January 15th once in four years. People make Sakkarai pongal,  Paal pngal, paruppu vadai and other dishes at home. Pooja is performed to the Sun God. The Pongal paanai(pot) is tied with the manjal kothu(fresh turmeric with the leaves). It is celebrated as Lohri in Punjab, Uttharayan in Gujarath, Makara Sankaranthi in many other states.




Beans Poriyal

Paruppu vadai

Sakkarai Pongal

Ven Pongal

Thayir Pachadi

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