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North Indian gravy

Cauliflower-Bell pepper stir fry

Cauliflower- Bell pepper stir fry is one of the simple, easy to make dry sabzi with very mild flavours. Here I have used cauliflower, red- green – yellow Bell peppers and hence the name Cauliflower Bell pepper stir fry.  We can also add corn, babycorn and green peas in this recipe and it’s purely our …

Biscuits and cookies

Butter / Benne Biscuit / Nankhatai

Butter Biscuit / Benne Biscuit / Nankhatai is a simple cookie that can be made with very few ingredients.  These are unleavened cookies, made with butter, sugar and maida.  It is so simple to make these cookies. There are so many variations that we can make with this basic dough – Red velvet cookies, Paan …


Nel pori

Aval pori and Nel pori are the two main recipes that we make for Karthigai Deepam.  It is easily found in stores during the time of the Karthigai Deepam Festival. Aval Pori, Nel Pori, Neyyappam, Karthigai Adai are the traditional recipes made on Karthigai Deepam day as neivedhyam / Prashad. We lit lamp in the …

Breads- Buns-Cakes

Eggless Honey Cake

Eggless Honey Cake is a popular dessert in South Indian dessert epecially found in all the Iyengar Bakery. This is a delicious cake with a simple frosting.  This is basically a Vanilla sponge cake soaked in honey syrup and then topped with jam and desiccated coconut. Here I have not used eggs. But we can …

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