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Rava Kesari / Kesari Bath

        Rava Kesari / kesari bath is one of the common sweets made in my home in regular intervals.  Mostly my mom makes this on Sunday evenings with hot pakoda and coffee.  Also this is made as a neiveydyam  when we are bored of making payasam. This is the all time favourite …



The word Navarathri means nine nights. We celebrate Navarathri five times during the year-  Vasantha navarathri, Ashad navarathri, Sharadh navarathri, Paush navarathri and Magha navarathri.  Sharadh navarathri is the most important navarathri and is called as the Maha navarathri. It is celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days during the tamil month Purattasi. During these …


Vellai Kondakadalai Sundal

Sundal is a traditional South Indian dish prepared with legumes. It is offered as neivedhyam or prasadh for the Almighty during pooja, especially on Navarathri days. It is very healthy, rich in protein and can be had with coffee or tea in the evening. This can be made with different legumes. As it is rich …


Sweet Ragi puttu / Fingermillet flour puttu

Sweet Rice Jaggery Puttu / Arisi Vella Puttu is a traditional naivedhyam dish for Navrathri fridays in my home town. Also for Puberty event, this is one of the important sweet dish we do. Its a little complex recipe, but finally the taste is divine. What if we make it with fingermillet flour. Sweet Ragi …

Parathas and rotis

Vallarai / Brahmi leaves Chappathi

Vallarai / Brahmi leaves Chappathi is a nutritious and healthy one. Brahmi leaves are traditional plant in ayurvedic medicine. This is used in Ayurvedic medical practitioners for centuries for a variety of purposes, including improving memory, reducing anxiety, and treating epilepsy. It contains powerful antioxidants, may reduce inflammation, boost brain function, reduce anxiety & stress, …


Sabudhana Vada

Sabudhana Vada is a popular Maharashtrian snack that is deep fried and served with green chutney. In other parts of India, it is consumed mostly during fasting or vrat. But I always love to make it in  Appam pan which consumes very little ghee. I had this appam made Sabudhana vada in BARC hospital for …


Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal is a traditional South- Indian tiffin which is very easy to make. It is also offered as a prasadham in many temples. The right quantity of water,  cooking the rice is the most important step in making pongal. If the quantity of water is more, then the pongal cannot be scooped and served. …


Ivy gourd sabzi / Thondekayi palya

Ivy gourd sabzi / Thondekayi palya is a simple sabzi with tamaraind and masala powder. It is known as tendli or tindora in hindi. Ivy gourd / Thondekayi / Kovakkai is a popular vegetable in India which is often confused with pointed gourd / parwal. Pointed gourd is slightly bigger than ivy gourd and is …


Vinayagar Chathurthi

Vinayagar Chathurthi is celebrated to honour Lord Ganesha. He has different names like Ganesha, Pillayar, Vinayagar, Moshika vaahanar.  He is the God who removes obstacles. Whenever we start some new ventures in life, first we offer prayers to Pillayar. A coconut is broken in front of the temple. It is called s Sedhar thengai. As the …

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