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My recipes in Aval Kitchen

My recipes in Aval kitchen

I do not know where to start thanking all those who played a role in my recipes getting published in Aval kitchen.

It started when I met Priya Iyer. She introduced me to Vikatan group. Thank you so much Priya. And by coincidence, her recipes will also appear in July’s issue along with mine. Cheers Priya.

When I shared this with my husband, he encouraged me to proceed with it. This the first time I had to type all my recipes in Tamil and had to focus on good photos for the publication. So K gave me confidence to accept this offer. Somedays he needed to wait until I click the pictures. And somedays I even cooked and worked on this project late night. Thank you Krishnan.

My recipes in aval kitchen

Then I contacted Mr Sridhar, Vikatan and he talked with me about my blog, YouTube channel. After talking with me, he gave me the topic as Palakkad Iyer cuisine. Under this I had to give 10 recipes which should not include the common aviyal, erissery, pulissery, molagootal. The recipes should be unique. Thank you Sridhar Sir for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It helped me to learn a lot during this journey.

I thank Amma, Appa, Paati, Thatha and my younger brother a lot for helping me in this journey. When I told them about this, they started suggesting so many unique Palakkad dishes. I thank my parents and my younger brother for proof reading my recipes.

Thanking following people

I thank Kalaimathi Rajesh for helping me in this journey. Her recipes got published in May and June issue. So she told me how to do this project, what Vikatan expects from us and lot more tips. Kalai akka, thank you so much for patiently clearing all my doubts.

I thank Kavitha mam, editor in Vikatan for her down to earth character appreciation and encouragement.

I thank my followers, who have encouraged me all the way. My blogging journey started very casually. And I didn’t know that I ll take blogging seriously in my life.I feel that the hardwork I put in publishing each recipe is getting answered. This will encourage me to give more good stuffs and to learn more.

I have shared the link below. Please click to see the recipes.





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Thank you !!

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