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Aadi Krithigai

Aadi Krithigai is celebrated on the Krithigai star day during the month of Aadi. It is a spiritual month for special God based activities. It is of human origin to survive with relationship and financial problems at the least. Muruga is the promising primordial power who wards off the negative forces and obstacles of your …


Maavilakku poojai

  Maavilakku poojai is ideally performed on a Friday omitting the first and last Friday of the Aadi month. The procedure for performing maavilakku poojai is as follows.   In my family We keep kuzhavi,chooral and a wooden board.  Then we make and apply turmeric paste on the wooden board. We place 25 red dots …


Aadi month/ Aadi Maasam

              Aadi month/ Aadi Maasam is the fourth month in Tamil calendar. It is an auspicious month for the Hindus. It starts during the mid of July and ends in mid August.  The next six month is called as the Dakshinayana punya kaalam and it is the beginning of …


Horsegram / Kollu Rasam

Horsegram / Kollu Rasam as the name says, is made with horsegram. Horsegram as evident from its name, is predominantly used as a cattle food. It is a good source of proteins, fiber and helps in regulating blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It can be germinated and sprouted to improve it nutritive value. Horsegram …


Gulab Jamun with Khova & Paneer

Gulab Jamun is a famous Indian sweet that is made on festival days as well as for party. This sweet is always close to my heart, because amma makes this at home and there is always customisation of this sweet according to our taste. She really makes best gulab jamun because it is cooked well …


Hagalkayi / Pavakkai Gojju

Hagalkayi / Pavakkai Gojju is a popular dish in Karnataka apart from Kathrikaai gojju, Pinaapple gojju etc., But Hagalkayi / Pavakkai Gojju is one of my favourite recipes made with bittergourd. We usually make pavakkai poriyal, Pavakkai pitlai at home but this is totally different and there is no bitterness in the recipe. This goes …

Podi / Powders

Mangalore Rasam Podi

Mangalore rasam podi is totally different from the rasam podi we make at home. In the one we make at home includes toor dhal, channa dhal, pepper etc., This rasam podi donot contains all these ingredients. I learnt this podi in one of the tv shows. We can use mangalore rasam podi for making different …

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My recipes in Aval Kitchen

My recipes in Aval kitchen I do not know where to start thanking all those who played a role in my recipes getting published in Aval kitchen. It started when I met Priya Iyer. She introduced me to Vikatan group. Thank you so much Priya. And by coincidence, her recipes will also appear in July’s …

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