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Onion Sago Papad / Vengaya Javvarisi Vadam

Onion Sago Papad is made with Sago as the main ingredient with onion flavour. I have added some red chillies to spice it up. Sago vadam is the easiest and simplest fryums that can be made in a jiffy.  I have seen my mannima(mom’s mom) making this vadam. It was there in my grandmom’s place …

Snacks / Chaat Sweets

Aam Papad / Mango Bar

Aam papad is a Indian fruit leather made with mango pulp. The concentrated mango pulp is sweetened with the sugar solution. I first tasted this when I was very young and once we made at home and it became everyone’s favourite. This time I planned to take the video of aam papad. This recipe is …



Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is also called as resurrection Sunday. It starts with a 40 day period of fasting, prayer and sacrifice and ends with a Holy Week. It  includes Holy Thursday (the celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper with his 12 Apostles, also …

Biscuits and cookies

Amaranth Orange Cookies

Amaranth Orange cookies is made using Amaranth flour and the orange juice that we added gives it a nice citrus flavour. Amaranth flour is a flour that is packed with nutrients. It is made by grinding the seeds of Amaranth plant. They are rich in proteins, calcium and is full of antioxidants. When I had …

North Indian gravy

Navarathna kurma

Vegetable Kurma is one of my favourite gravies. I tasted it for the first time when I was a kid. Yes!! My mom made this at home. It is different from Navarathna Kurma. She used to grind coconut along with other spices. It is so good to eat with Chappathi. After that I got a …


Chithirai kani/ Tamil Varusha Porappu/Tamil puththandu

Chithirai kani or Tamil varusha porappu is celebrated in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. It falls on the second week of April. This is the beginning of new year by the Tamilians. The tamilians in all over the world celebrate this vigorously. Similarly the Malayalam speaking people will celebrate their new year as Vishu.  Celebration …


Rama Navami

 Rama navami is considered as the birthday of Lord Rama. It falls  on the ninth day from Ugathi. Usually in Hindu culture ashtami( the eighth day from full moon day or no moon day) and Navami(ninth day from full moon day or no moon day) are inauspicious days. People wont celebrate any function on these …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Mambazha Pachadi / Sweet mango relish

Mambazha pachadi ia a seasonal and traditional recipe prepared during tamil varusha porappu /Chithirai kani and Vishu kani. This pachadi can be made with or without tamarind. I learnt this recipe from my paati. In my home, we mix it with hot rice and have it with papad. It tastes yum and is a popular …


Sabudhana Papad / Javvarisi Vadam

Sabudhana Papad/Sago Fritters/ Javvarisi vadam is the easiest and simplest fryums that can be made in a jiffy. It is popular in Indian cuisine.  I have seen my mannima(mom’s mom) making this vadam. It was there in my grandmom’s place and I ate this for the first time when I was too young. Later my …


Idichakkai upperi / Raw Jackfruit curry

Idichakki Upperi / Raw Jack fruit curry is one such popular dish in Kerala, in which tender jackfruit is cooked, then shredded and stir fried with coconut,some spices and served along with steamed rice. Idichakkai upperi is one of the famous dish in Kerala cuisine. Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit from March to may. Initially …

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