Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu

Kaaradaiyaan nonbu or Savithri viratham is a traditional Tamilnadu festival of fasting wherein married woman pray for the wellness and long life of their husband and the unmarried girls pray God to get a good husband. Along with the rice flour, we use cowpea which is called as Kaaramani in tamil. Hence the name Kaaradaiyaan nonbu.

I got this information from my grandmother and from my husband’s grandmother.  The origin of this story travels long back to the time of Mahabharatha. Lord of Death(Yamadharmaraaja) too away the life of Sathyavaan, Savithri’s husband.  She ask to the God one by one finally asking to give her husband a long life. Seeing her purity and devotion, he grants Sathyavaan a long life. We celebrate this festival from that time. We chant the following verse while doing pooja.

“Urugaadha Vennayum OrAdayum Naan Notren
OruKaalam yen Kanavar piriyaada Irukka Vendum”.
Everyone ties a yellow thread round their neck after offering the kaara adai and inippu adai to the God.

Recipes made for Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu

Spicy / Salt Adai

Kaaradaiyaan nonbu_salt adai

Sweet Adai


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Hem lata srivastava
16th March 2021 at 6:11 PM

This pooja is also done in UP and various dishes are prepared but your recipe is totally new for me. Amazing.

17th March 2021 at 12:06 PM

This fast or pooja ceremony is similar to our karwachauth. But we didn’t prepare any such delicious food during fasting times. In India we have almost similar traditions but with different names, sounds so beautiful itself. Loved it.

17th March 2021 at 6:48 PM

Niranjana that is an interesting tradition. I like when food bloggers try and bring to light some traditional recipes and also explain why its prepared. As Gujaratis we have a 5 day Jaya Parvati fast and Pooja for both married and unmarried girls. During that time we cannot have any salt, grains etc. Can only have wheat roti or puri once in a day but no sabjis too. Difficult but was fun as we friends did the fast together.

18th March 2021 at 10:42 AM

Your have explained so well about this festival Niranjana. Love the traditional recipes cooked during the festivals. Happiness increases manifolds when we celebrate with the whole family.

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