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Paruppu rasam / Dal rasam

 Paruppu rasam or Dal rasam is a South Indian soup that is made with tur dal, tomato, tamarind and other spices.  It goes well with hot rice. Paruppu means dal and rasam means South Indian soup. Its literal meaning is the essence of tamarind blended with dal and other aromatic ingredients and it is watery. …

Parathas and rotis

Aloo paratha / Aloo paratha without onion

Aloo paratha is a whole wheat bread stuffed with boiled and mashed potatoes along with some spices. It goes best with curd and pickle. My mom makes the stuffing in a different way using red chilli powder instead of coriander, curry leaves and green chillies. Both the versions are my favourite. From my school days …


Vadu mangai/Maavadu/Tender mango pickle

 Vadu mangai is an easy pickle recipe using baby mangoes (vadu mangai) that requires no cooking, no cutting, minimal oil that can be stored for more than a year. It is a simple traditional South Indian mango pickle which doesn’t call for cutting the mangoes and cooking it. This pickle is very easy to make …


Plantain Podimas / Vaazhakkai Podimas

Plantain Podimas /Vaazhakkai Podimas is a simple and healthy recipe that is made with plantain or raw banana. It is an accompaniment for rice, sambar and rasam and are also packed with nutrients. We can make plain curry in so many ways. But vazhakkai podimas or Plantain podimas is different from the vazhakkai varuval/mezhukkuperatti and …

Oanguni uthiram_Ayyappan

Panguni uthiram – Significance

Panguni Uthiram is one of the most important festivals for Hindus. We call this as “Meena Uthira Palguni”. The important aspect of this day is that the Pournami and Uthiram star falls on the same day of Panguni month. Panguni is the last month of the Tamil Calendar year. According to the mythology, celestial weddings …


Holi – A colourful Indian Festival

Holi is the festival of love or colors that signifies the victory of superior over immoral. Holi festival is commemorate on February end or starting March. There was once a demon named Hiranyakashyap who was so egoistic that he commanded everybody in his kingdom to worship only him. But to his great disappointment, his son, Prahlad became …

Baked Snacks & Sweets Sweets

Gujiya – Baked & Fried

Gujiya is a sweet dumpling make with all purpose flour or semolina or wheat flour with khova, coconut and mixed nuts stuffing. I learnt this recipe from one of my North Indian friends. It was for one holi she made it and I went to observe her making it. This recipe is time consuming but …

Pachadi/Salad/Raitha South Indian gravy

Nellikai Arachukalakki

Arachukalakki is a distinctive dish of Palakkad Iyers.  Nellikai Arachukalakki as the name says, it has gooseberry in it. It has the unique taste of gooseberry and rich in vitamin C. You can also have this as a main course.  It is an easy recipe consisting of two steps – grinding and mixing. Hence the …

Biriyani- Pulao varieties

Vegetable Biriyani

          Vegetable biriyani is a rich, exotic rice that is made with a lot of vegetables and spices. It is completely different from pulav and fried rice. It contains three main ingredients that is not included in pulav and fried rice-curd, red chilli powder and tomato. Usually the rice and the …


Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu

Kaaradaiyaan nonbu or Savithri viratham is a traditional Tamilnadu festival of fasting wherein married woman pray for the wellness and long life of their husband and the unmarried girls pray God to get a good husband. Along with the rice flour, we use cowpea which is called as Kaaramani in tamil. Hence the name Kaaradaiyaan …

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