Reason behind my absence

Hello my dear foodies, followers and friends !!! Hope all of you are doing great. If you had noticed, I have been away from  blogging for past few months. Life brought so many challenges in front of me. Like my school teacher says, thunder can strike anywhere, it striked me also. It was in May month, I came across one of the worse situations in my life. Everything happened in no minutes and totally unexpected. But my family and friends were totally supporting and each one of them included me in their prayers. I thank my entire family (My parents, grandparents, husband, brother, uncle/aunt, cousins, friends, parents in law) for being my side and supporting me. Especially I thank my dear thatha(grandpa) who is 90+ for extending his support in his own way continuously. Every minute, I could feel the presence of God. When you believe in Him he will never let you down.

When you come across problems in life there are two options- Either we should be shocked and fall down or we should face it courageously and win the situation with the help of Almighty. And only when you are in problem, you can experience God’s miracles in your life. So after experiencing this stage in my life, my belief in my God has increased tremendously. I also personally thank my fellow blogger and friend Aruna Panangipally from Aharam for her continuous support and encouragement.

Now I feel like a new person with much more confidence and strength. Whatever problems that I have or I am going to have, I can face boldly with the help of my Almighty and guru (Kanchi Mahaperiyava).

So I hope I will be able to entertain you with my recipes. If I am not regular, please bare with me. Keep supporting me and thank you so much for waiting patiently. Love you all !!!

With love

Niranjana Sankaranarayanan.





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